I have had the pleasure of working with Steve on two different projects. First, in September, 2016 on a minor renovation and then again in the spring, summer and fall of 2017 on what turned out to be a fairly major renovation because I kept adding items to Steve’s to-do list. What started out as a bedroom refurbishment and Jacuzzi tub to walk-in shower conversion turned into the nicest bedroom in the house, complete with a light in the closet and a luxurious granite and marble bathroom, complete with in-floor heating and a two-sided gas fireplace, which also opens up into the sun room next door.

A former contractor left me with a partially finished deck. I spoke to Steve about completing my deck. Even The City inspector told Steve that my deck needed to have a railing, to which Steve advised that although he wasn’t responsible for starting it, he was going to see that it was finished. I now have a completed composite deck with glass railings, just like I wanted. Steve had never built composite stairs before but did his research and his stairs look even more professional than the composite deck surface completed by the other contractor. If only I had known Steve then!

Steve has such a positive, professional, can-do attitude. I think the only time he ever told me “no” was when I actually wanted to put the fireplace inside the shower between the shower and the deck. He simply told me that he didn’t think that was even legal! Steve knows his trades.

One of the many work ethics that impressed me was on City Inspection day. Former contractors requested that I take time off work, so that I could be there when the inspectors showed up. Steve has taken a totally different attitude. He works the inspection days into his schedule and uses those days to catch up on paperwork or in my case to remove two 60-year-old basement windows, embedded in concrete and install two new windows, all on his own. Nothing phases him!

When it was time to have a concrete cutter come in and make way for the proper egress for my basement window, Steve was outside waste-deep, digging a hole, so that the concrete cutter would be able to get his equipment in. Steve showed up one day in a Superman shirt, on which I complimented him. He beamed when he told me his wife bought it for him. Rightfully so!

One very satisfied customer,
Jayne Martin

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