I would like to take this opportunity to offer our recommendation for Steve Denger and his company ReNew Renovations & Developments.

Steve has a long history in new home construction, and his expertise contributed to a fantastic experience of completing some home renovations for us.

We have an 8 year old two-story home in Cranston that we loved, but was getting a little tired- so we decided to invest in some upgrades rather then sell and move. Our family was preparing for the arrival of our second child and we wanted to unlock some more space in the basement that had for the most part become a storage room for junk. We also wanted to upgrade the backsplash tile in the kitchen, and change out the glass in the master ensuite bath shower.

I had the basement professionally designed, and drafted and Steve worked with us to take note of any challenges that could come up, and offered his thoughts for adjustments that would work out better in the long run. The sign of a good contractor is one that can spot problems before lumber goes up. Our basement included a 3-piece bath with tiled shower, a bedroom, hallway, and a full rec room with built in media centre cabinets, a fireplace and a children’s play area. About 700sq.ft. of developed space plus storage/mechanical room in all. Once we signed off, we setup our appointment with NuWay Floor Fashions, the design centre he is partnered with, where you choose your flooring, paint, carpet and tile. Renew Renos has a system where he can build a preliminary quote for your work based on a baseline specification (which is a very generous spec) and you can upgrade from there if you choose.

Once the design and materials were planned, he started work almost immediately- taking care of every detail. We had the flooring covered in our foyer to prevent damage to the hardwood due to the increase in food traffic.

The construction went fast- that was the interesting part. Quite often do it yourselfers take 4-8 months to struggle through a renovations working evenings and weekends. Our basement was expertly framed in a day and a half! It seems when we would come home from work every day there was an exciting new milestone completed for us to see. The trades Steve uses are carefully chosen to be high quality performers, that also have high levels of customer service. The people that worked on our home were respectful, polite and clean. Steve attends the job site daily to do quality checks, and clean up for your piece of mind.

All in all, the full basement renovation, kitchen tile upgrade and shower upgrade was completed in about 9 weeks, without any drama or significant cost overruns. It was a painless experience and the quality of workmanship was outstanding. We are beyond thrilled with our new space, and this has rejuvenated our love for our home.

Please consider ReNew Renovations if you have a project to complete.

Ryan Hall & Family
Cranston, Calgary
May 2016

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